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ICT Support

Whether you are home user or a business with a large network, we are able to help your business run smoothly.

mac repair

Mac Repair

We repair all mac devices including, iMac, MacBooks, iPad's, iPhones. Whatever issue you may be facing, we can help you.

cosmic computers repair services

Computer Repairs

Computer repair is our speciality. Sometimes a simple reboot can fix a lot of issues, but when it doesn't we can help

Cosmic Computers offers computer repairs and IT support to clients with problems with their computer’s both PC and Mac, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, printers, peripherals and internet connections and networks, virus removal, and many more services. We can help with both software and hardware issues. We work will all makes of computers including: Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus and Acer. We also help our clients with Apple iMac and Macbook repairs. 

We repair laptops and computers in Bath, Bristol, and surrounding areas, however, you can post your computer to us or we can offer remote assistance to repair your computer.

We also offer laptop hire at just £9 per week 

Our team specialises in supporting and maintaining computers for home users and small to medium-size businesses. We provide an extensive range of computer repair and support services, including troubleshooting and problem solving, installing hardware and software, networking, upgrading, and virus/spyware removal. We also offer purchasing advice on computers and peripherals to suit your need.

Services On Offer

Computer Repair & System Maintenance

Computer Repair & System Maintenance

We offer computer repair in Bath and surrounding areas. We support our clients with problems with their Computers, Internet, Printers, Peripherals, Laptops, Tablets, and Networks. Many problems are solved within an hour. No job is too small or large. We repair both Windows computers and Apple Mac. We can also offer a regular clean-up and maintenance service or one-off computer repairs.

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Business IT Support

ICT Support for Business

Whether you are a one-man-band or operate several computers we are able to help your company run smoothly. We can either work on a pay as you go service or you can take advantage of one of our support packages to prevent problems with your computer system.

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Smart Phone and Tablet Repair

Phone and Tablet Repairs

We provide mobile phone and tablet repairs for all smart devices including all iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy, Amazon Fire, and more.
From LCD screen replacements, charging ports, replacement batteries, or maybe you're device has just stopped working?
We can diagnose and fix 99% of the issues.

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cloud backup

Online Secure Back-up

Are you worried about losing your personal documents and photos? We can back-up your computer/s on a monthly or weekly basis. This will keep all your personal data safe and secure online. People don’t know how much their data means to them until it’s too late. Don’t be a victim of data loss and arrange a cloud back-up today.

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