Smart Phone and Tablet Repair

Affordable, Quick, Reliable Service.

We can repair most mobile phone problems. We repair on-site and the phones are not sent away. This means that we can offer fast repairs. We realise that a mobile phone is usually more than just a phone these days; we use them for emails, apps, photos, contacts etc. Therefore, we endeavour to offer the fastest turnaround for repairs that is available.

We operate a no fix – no fee policy.


We can fix most problems you might have with your mobile, tablet or other device, below is a list of some of the more  common problems we fix:

  • Cracked or damaged  screens

This is one of the most common problems, with mobile screens becoming becoming both larger and thinner the trade off is generally a more fragile device, small drop or impact can result in: cracked glass, broken or partially damaged lcd or a faulty digitizer​ (making the screen unresponsive to touch inputs) 


  • Charging fault / battery fault

Charging issues can be most common caused by either a defective charging port or a faulty battery.
Do you find you have to wiggle or hold your charger in a certain spot or it no longer works at all?  then a replacement charging port is more then likely required.
If you phone will not turn on or no longer has the battery life if once had then a replacement battery could be required, batteries have a limited life span normally quoted in charge cycles, a typical phone battery is said to have around 500 – 600 charge cycles, this can be reduced by overcharging, not letting your device fully discharge on each cycle ect. 


  • Button replacement 

Another fairly common problem is none responsive buttons, typically the home and power buttons are the most effected, we can replace / fix any buttons including touch responsive buttons. 


  • Software Problems

Sometimes the software in your device can corrupt causing many issues, the most disruptive being a boot loop where your device refuses to start, or a rogue application potentially draining your battery or more extreme stealing your personal information,  we can fix most software related problems. 


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