Computer Repairs and Support

Affordable, Quick, Reliable Service.

Situated in Bath, Cosmic Computers offers a wide range of support at affordable costs across the local area.

We offer support to clients with problems with their PC, Laptops, Internet, Printers, Peripherals and Networks. Many problems are solved within an hour.

We build computers suited to the clients needs at competitive prices, upgrade PC’s, recommend and supply software and offer software support on packages such as Microsoft office.

We are able to configure Internet connections and find solutions to problems associated with the internet, printer support e.g. ‘My printer won’t print’ problems. We offer help with peripherals such as scanners, speakers, keyboards etc. Cosmic Computers can also help clients with Network Support.

One of our most commonly used services is ‘Computer Clean-up‘, which will help your computer to run smoothly and without error. Many customers book in an ‘MOT’ every few months to reassure them that they don’t have any viruses and that their computer is secure. We can completed a standard ‘Clean-up’ with-in one hour.

If you are interested in more information or need help please contact us via the contacts page.

We aim to please. Our work is affordable and jargon free. Just ask our growing client base. We would like you to pass on the Cosmic Computers name to friends and family if they need help.

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