How to add an email signature
in Outlook 2019

An email signature can help your emails come across as more professional or a simple and easy way to add extra or repetitive information, for example: A business contact telephone number, a list of services, or simply a polite thank you.

Follow the guide below (on outlook 2019) to add your own email signatures:

*click images for larger versions*

  • 1. From inside Outlook click on ‘File’.

  • 2. From the next screen that opens click ‘Options’.
  • 3.

Step 1 now from the window that pops up select ‘Mail’
Step 2 Click the button on the right labeled ‘Signatures’

  • 4. 

Step 1 Select the email account you wish to add a signature to 
Step 2 Click the  button labeled ‘new’
Step 3 Now enter a name for your signature in the small box that pops up and click ‘OK’


  • 5. 

Step 1 Now select the signature you wish to edit from the window pictured
Step 2 Enter your email signature
Step 3 Select which signature you would like to add for new emails and replies. 

  • 6.  Click ok and enjoy your new email signature.
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