Invoice Fraud


Email Invoice Interception Fraud Protection Against Email Invoice Interception Fraud Fraudsters no longer need access to your bank accounts in order to steal money. Beware of Invoice interception Fraud. I am seeing and hearing more and more about a newer type of fraud where fraudsters are monitoring email accounts which have subsequently been hacked or […]

Zoom video conferencing – Guide

zoom-video-conferencing installation guide

How to install Zoom Video Conferencing Zoom is a video conferencing application designed for joining and hosting remote meetings. The following guide will show you how to sign up, download and start your first remote session, in a simple step by step format for windows 10. We also have a guides for: IOS (iPhone, iPad) […]

How to add an email signature in outlook 2019


How to add an email signature in Outlook 2019 An email signature can help your emails come across as more professional or a simple and easy way to add extra or repetitive information, for example: A business contact telephone number, a list of services, or simply a polite thank you. Follow the guide below (on […]