How often should I check my computer for Viruses?

The answer to this question is definitely not set in stone. There are many factors involved, such as how often you use your computer, how often you download files from the Internet etc.

On a related issue, security should always take priority over scanning. It is vital to ensure that security software is up to date. In most cases, this doesn’t mean shelling out a lot of cash, but simply downloading a free update which installs the latest version of the virus definitions database into your security package. In basic terms this updates a list of viruses so that the antivirus software can detect new threats to your computer. Your security software is only as good as its last update, so making sure the database is updated is crucial.

The default setting for most security packages is to check for database updates automatically on a daily basis. – It is worth checking, however, that your security software is set up to do this. You can also complete this manually with most antivirus software. I would recommend doing this before running any scan.